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Study Medicine in Turkey 2022-2023:

Study Medicine in Turkey: An alternative to think about. For many students, studying Medicine is remains a dream. For most of students it is impossible to study Medicine in their own home-country because of very high requirements or tuition fees. Studying Medicine in Turkey is an often chosen destination for International students who want to realize their dream of becoming a doctor.

You can study medicine in Turkey in English or Turkish. At outstanding universities located in Istanbul, Ankara or İzmir – students have lots of options.

Turkey is the ideal educational destination, popular by the modern techniques especially in the medical universities. That’s why taking the decision to study Medicine in Turkey for International Students is the best decision. The medicine study in Turkey is similar to the European form since Turkey has agreed with the Bologna conditions in 2001 and became a member of the European higher education area.

Study Medicine in Turkey

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Study Medicine in Turkey | Structure:

In Turkey, medical studies normally last six years, with the academic career divided into two years of pre-clinical study, three years of clinical study, and one year of state clinical practice or internship. Graduates receive the title of Medical Doctor after completing the program (MD). Turkish Medical Schools offer courses in either English or Turkish, depending on the candidate’s option.

First and second year:
As in other countries, the first two years are filled with basic science.

Third year:
From the 3rd year on, you get a theoretical and practical introduction to the diseases.

4th and5th year consist of clinical internships

6th year:
The last year of the medical studies is spent as a future practicing physician in the university hospital. You take on the duties of a regular doctor. Students I the 6th year are called as ‘interns’. This is the preliminary stage of the assistant medical education in Turkey. Turkish citizens are rewarded by the university with a modest monthly salary for their medical work.

Study Medicine in Turkey | Requirements:

In order to study Medicine in Turkey you must have a high school diploma. You can enter Medical schools in Turkey directly from high school. There are different requirements depending on your educational background (your high school diploma type)

Here are some common admission criteria / requirements for Medicine degrees offered by Turkish Universities.

  • High School Diploma (Min average of 70%)
  • High School Transcript
  • Letter of Motivation (if possible)
  • Valid Passport.

Study Medicine in Turkey

Study Medicine in turkey | All Universities offering Medicine in Turkey

  • Altinbas University
  • Ankara Medipol University
  • Atilim University
  • Biruni University
  • Haliç University
  • İstanbul Atlas University
  • İstanbul Medipol University
  • İstanbul Okan University
  • İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University
  • İstinye University
  • Üsküdar University
  • Yeditepe University.

Study Medicine in Turkey in English:

Yes! There are possibilities to study medicine in Turkey in English.

Please keep in mind, that from the third year on you have to be in contact with patients and have to communicate with patients in Turkish. In most of the cases, it will not be problem because you will have lived in Turkey for the past 3 years and your language level will be enough for communicating with patients.

Several public and foundation(private) universities offer the program Medicine in English.

When you study medicine in Turkey, you coma into contact with many nations. Turkey is a country of the so called health tourism. Patients from all over the word come, as you already know, for various reasons such as cosmetic surgery. Most of these patients come from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Asia, Russia and Europe. Thus it is possible and advantageous that you speak multiply languages. It is considered as a positive aspect.

The medical schools of Turkey (studying Medicine in general) is based on the American and European teaching guidelines, so that graduates have possibilities to word on an English-speaking market such as America or Canada.

Study Medicine in Turkey

Study Medicine in Turkey | Fees & Cost

Here you can find the approximate costs of studying medicine in Turkey. It can be said that the prices vary around 14,000$ – 27,500$ for private universities in Turkey for Medicine.

In general, one can not compare the prices of medical studies in Turkey with the prices of medical schools in other countries, as the prices vary between countries and universities within the countries.

Study Medicine in Turkey | What Turkish Universities offer to the medical students?

  • Modern educational methods in the classrooms by encouraging students to participate in the discussions.
  • Practical learning opportunities by attending clinics,Universities hospitals and workshops.
  • Research Centers and well-equipped laboratories
  • Internship Opportunities outside the campus at any of the hospitals that have a mutual agreement with the University.
  • Affordable tuition fees.
  • Turkish Universities offering medical programs in English and Turkish, so the students can choose what they prefer.

Study Medicine in Turkey

3 Reasons to study in Turkey for International Students

      1.High quality of education according to QS World University Rankings

International students prefer studying in Turkey where they can find high educational standards. Most of the turkish universities are among the best Universities worldwide. That is because of its modern techniques and equipped campuses.

      2. Affordable living expenses and tuition fees

Comparing to other european countries, Turkey is popular by the lowest cost of living. So, International students can spend monthly from 300 – 500$ however the exact living expenses depend on each student. In Turkey, there are many choices for the accommodation, like University dorms, studios, private apartments.

International students can receive the highest quality of education with the lowest Tuition fees.

       3. Friendly Turkish People and safe country

Turkish People are so nice and welcoming foreign tourists, students and all nationalities without any discrimination. Turks are also so helpful and giving a hand whenever it needs to anyone.

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