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SBW Berlin Scholarship to Study in Germany 2022-2023

The SBW Berlin Scholarship is currently opened to international students. This scholarship is one of the best scholarships offered to study in Germany, and it is for masters study and is fully funded. In this article, we will explain in detail this scholarship program, its benefits and the step-by-step application process.

From the beginning of their studies, SBW Berlin scholarship recipients initiate, develop, and implement their own social non-profit projects. Ideally, these projects have strong connections to the work of other non-profit organizations located in the scholarship recipient’s home country to improve living conditions there.

After the successful completion of their studies, scholarship recipients are expected to return to their home countries to continue working on their projects and to implement the skills and knowledge acquired during their stay in Berlin.

SBW Berlin is on hand to provide advice and mentorship.

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022-2023| Information:

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022 is a fully funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is offered for undergraduate and masters studies.

SBW Berlin Scholarship supports young talented people from abroad who have been socially committed in volunteer work in their home countries. It believes that education is key to improve living conditions in the poorer countries of the world.

Therefore, as part of cooperation with other non-profit organizations, It awards scholarships to young committed international talents to pursue a university degree or apprenticeship in Berlin.

A full scholarship includes the funding of tuition fee, accommodation in the in-house student apartments, and a monthly allowance for living expenses.

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022-2023 | Details:

Study Level: Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Organization: SBW Berlin.

Place of study: Germany

Specialties: All fields.

Program duration: Depends on the chosen degree.

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SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022-2023| Funding:

The SBW Berlin Scholarship offers the recipient the following benefits:

Accommodation within the student housing city in Berlin.

Monthly stipend.

University tuition fees.

Travel expenses to Germany.


SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022-2023 | Eligibility criteria:

Required language: English.

Eligible Countries: All countries of the world. (Intended for low income earners)

Age limit: 18-30.

1-Applicants must have been accepted into a German public university (first or second semester).

2-A grade point average (GPA) corresponding to at least a German grade point average of 2.0.

3-Applicants must be able to demonstrate a relatively low income. The applicants' total household income does not exceed the officially established average income for their country of origin. The income of all family members and all sources of family income (e.g. from work, business activities, property, child benefits or pensions) will be counted.

There must be no immediate family members residing permanently in Germany.

Students must have extracurricular experience: Applicants who have professional or volunteer experience in the non-profit sector.

Students must have the intention to work in their home country for at least 18 months after graduation Note: You must have an admission or proof of your eligibility to attend a university in Berlin or Potsdam.

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022-2023| How to apply:

Please follow the application instructions below to apply for this scholarship.

(1) Fill out the application form.

(2) Fill in your personal information and contact information and add your photo.

(3) Provide information about your current and previous education.

(4) Provide information about:

-Your parents and family members.

-Most recent school or university degree.

-The highest school graduation certificate.

-The highest university degree obtained.

-Current job and desired job.

-Training in case of vocational training requests.

-Training and professional experience.

-Your skills; hobbies and interests.

-The experience of traveling abroad volunteer experience.

The following documents must be attached:

1-Motivation letter (one or two pages).

2-A copy of your last school or university certificate showing your grade point average.

3-A copy of your highest academic degree (high school diploma or university degree) with your grade point average and grade overview.

4-Family income statement.

5-Two letters of recommendation from previous professors for the applicant.


7-The application form is available on the official website of the scholarship.

8-Copies of the following documents as well, if any:

University acceptance or proof of your qualifications for university entrance.

A copy of the internationally recognized language certificate for the language you hold.

Note: Uncertified copies and translations are sufficient for the application process. If the applicant successfully passes the selection process, certified copies of some of these documents will be required during the verification process.

(5)- The application and all certificates and supporting documents attached to it must be submitted in German or English by e-mail [email protected] 

_One of the most crucial requirements of the SBW Berlin scholarship is the scholarship recipient’s intention to return to his/her home country to work there for at least 18 months after the completion of the study program. Thus, from the beginning of the scholarship, SBW Berlin supports all scholarship recipients to realize their professional goals in their home countries. This is done through networking with other organizations, through SBW Berlin’s assistance with targeted job searches in the scholarship recipients’ home countries and with the preparation of job materials thereafter. In addition, all developed social non-profit projects should have strong connections with the scholarship recipients’ home countries.

At present, SBW Berlin scholarship is reserved for students from Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. In our view, these regions need the most support in their development due to the current economic and/or social situation.

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022-2023 

Questions and answers:

We often receive questions from (potential) applicants about the SBW Berlin, and the application process. While all the answers can be found in our SBW Berlin Scholarship Guidelines and SBW Berlin Scholarship Guidelines for Refugees, we've collected and answered some of the frequently asked questions here:

1. I want to study at SBW Berlin. What programs are offered?

SBW Berlin is not a university or language school. All applicants must apply to a university in Berlin or Potsdam separately if they wish to obtain a Bachelor's or Master's degree.

2. I was accepted into a university in Munich. Can I apply for this scholarship?

Yes, you can apply for the SBW Berlin Scholarship. However, all SBW Berlin scholarship recipients must attend a university in Berlin or Potsdam. In this case, you will also have to apply again for admission to the university in Berlin or Potsdam.

3. Do I need to speak German to apply for the SBW Scholarship in Berlin?

Applicants do not necessarily need to speak German. However, they must be fluent in English. If applicants wish to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, they must meet the language requirements of a particular program/university in Berlin or Potsdam. Questions regarding language requirements should be sent directly to the International Office or Student Advice Office at that university.

4. Can I study German or another language at SBW Berlin?

No, because SBW Berlin is not a university or language school. We do not offer any language lessons. Also be aware that the SBW Berlin Scholarship does not cover the cost of a 'Studienkolleg' or any funding for activities (e.g. language lessons) in your home country before the SBW Berlin Scholarship recipient arrives in Berlin.

5. Do I need to provide a language certificate?

Only an official language certificate is required during the verification process. Only applicants who have been invited to a personal interview/video conference and have successfully passed the interview, will be required to provide official language certificates (in English or German).

For more information on language requirements, we recommend that applicants contact the International Office or Student Advising Office of the university they are planning to attend.

6. Do I need to translate my university and school certificates and transcripts?

All application documents must be submitted in English or German. Applicants may submit simple translations of university and school certificates (such as transcripts) along with copies of the original ones.

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022-2023

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