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Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program 2022:

The Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program is an online college prep program and career readiness platform developed to help Emirati and Arab youth, ages 15-35, achieve future success! The Young Thinkers Program is powered by Arizona State University, an accredited leader in innovative education and online learning platforms.

Young Thinkers Program soft-skill development and college prep courses can all be taken online, and most courses can be completed within 1-2 hours. Each course helps you gain essential skills to improve your education, university experience and future career.

Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program 2022

Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program 2022

Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program 2022| About:

  • Abdulla Al Ghurair founded Mashreq bank, a leading U.A.E. bank, in 1967. He stepped down as chairman in October 2019, but remains a board member.
  • His eponymous holding company has interests in food, construction and real estate; non-family members are part of the leadership team.
  • His construction company did the exterior cladding of Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, and helped build the Dubai Metro.

As an Al Ghurair Young Thinker, you will have access to a digital platform that hosts three main components:

  • me3 Career Exploration Tool to help you discover degrees and careers that suit your passions and interests.
  • Over than 20 Skill Development and Career Readiness Courses to help you build the soft skills needed for future success.
  • Education and Employment Resource Channels provide you with information to personalize your learning and career development journey.

Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program 2022| benefits:

  • The applicant can obtain a certificate upon completion of each course.
  • The applicant can get university and career advice.
  • The platform is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
  • The program is bilingual (Arabic and English).


Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program 2022|Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any Arab youth between the ages of 15 and 30 years old is eligible for the Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program.
  • If you are preparing to enter university or start your career.

Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program 2022| How to apply:

The application is done entirely via the Internet and completely free. All you have to do is log into the Al Ghurair platform, create an account for free, and start the learning process.

You only need to provide them with your name, nationality, country of residence and age in order to complete your registration.

Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program 2022| FAQ:

  1. Do I get university advising?

    Yes. Trained Success Advisors guide Young Thinkers in setting and achieving academic and professional goals through region-specific posts and challenges.

  2. Will this program help me get a job?

    The online classes and advisors are here to help you gain the skills most employers are looking for! The series of online courses in career planning guide users through the entire job search and interview process. If you are still searching for the right job, the me3 career assessment helps you to understand what careers best match your skills and interests.

  3. How do I take the courses?

    Register for and take your Al Ghurair Young Thinkers Program courses online for free. Browse a wide selection of courses and click “enroll.” You can start the course immediately and complete at your own pace on your phone or computer.

  4. What is career advising?

    Career advising helps you to identify the career that’s right for you and the education pathway to start your career. Get support for frequently asked questions about careers and university from Young Thinkers Program staff. Not sure what career is right for you? me3 is an online career exploration game that can help you find degrees and careers that align with your interests and passions.

  5. How do I download my course certificate?

    To receive a certificate in one of our courses, you need to complete the course with a score of 80% or higher. Please refer to these step-by-step instructions for downloading your course certificate.

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